Dancing Bear

What happens in the forest when nobody is watching. [via] var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false,"ui_atversion":300,"ignore_server_config":true}; var addthis_share = {}; var addthis_product = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_product_version = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_blog_version = "4.6.10"; var addthis_plugin_info = {"info_status":"enabled","cms_name":"WordPress","cms_version":"4.6.10","plugin_name":"Share... Read More

Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911

“One hundred years ago on April 1, these moving pictures were the finest in the land. Hooray!”  Read More

Exit Through the Pet Shop

Exit Through the Pet Shop, a Banksy parody starring the keayboard cat!  Read More

What’s a meme?

Internet hipster vs regular person: what’s a meme?  Read More

I’ve Got An iPhone

A delightful song about the joys of owning an iPhone. By Rathergood. A concentrate of web classics: iphones, kittens, unicorns and… Lady Gaga.  Read More

Request: a spamologue

This is an old one but still so good! From the his majesty of the Internets Ze Frank: the short film Request!  Read More

8 Bit Trololo

8bit inspired chiptune cover of the famous meme, “Mr. Trololo”!  Read More

Wakeless Gifs

Wakeless GIFs, 2010, by Marcin Ramocki… “Wakeless Gifs is a video piece based on animated gifs I posted on spiritsurfers.net. All gifs were found online and modified frame by frame. The soundtrack consists of 7 custom generated Solfeggio tones. This is a limited resolution version of the piece.”  Read More

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

Cache Rules Everything Around Me, the ultimate video about gifs! By Evan Roth…  Read More

Animated Gif Mashup

Animated Gif Mashup, by Evan Roth…  Read More


(>’.’)>=O____l_*__O=<(‘.'<), a video by Oliver Laric, made with Skype emoticons…  Read More

666 Smielyz

Diabolic video piece by internet artist Petra Cortright.  Read More


XXXO is the brand new videoclip by M.I.A. Gifs are everywhere… “Upload a photo See below If you like what you see You can download and store We can find ways To expand what you know I can be that actress you be Tarantino.”  Read More

Spam: The Musical

“This is spam turned video art. And you thought you’d seen it all on the web :-)!” Are you ready for the show?  Read More


Spam this version (here‘s the original from Monty Python). Plus49 @ MySpace.  Read More


4mPHEt4MiNEX, a spam video by Abe Linkoln with guest remixers Jimpunk & Subculture…  Read More

Celebrities Against Spam

Spam is just not an epidemic, spam is much much more… full version – short version  Read More

Where Spam Comes From

Next time you receive a Nigerian email, think twice before deleting it…  Read More

Spamland #3

The third installment is short and strange. Watch at YouTube the short animation by The Brothers McLeod.  Read More

Spam 2.0

Six months ago First Post launched The First Post Viral Competition. They invited readers to create an internet viral based on the theme of The First Post on line newspaper. The winner is Web 2.0, by Leo Bridle & Leo Powell. Take a look at the Spam can popping up from the mailbox… [via no fat clips!!!]  Read More

Give spam a chance

A tribute to the amazingness of spam by Nick Taylor. Song by Weird Al Yankovic (R.E.M’s Stand spoof)… Spam in the place where I live (ham and pork) Think about nutrition, wonder what’s inside it now (oh boy) Spam in my luchbox at work (it’s the best) Really makes a darn good sandwhich any way you slice it at all  Read More

Human spammers

Imagine to transfer Internet situations in a real life context. That’s what could happen…  Read More

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