How was your day?

365 blank emoticon that you fill in with smiles based on how your day was. The Life Calendar is a project by Brigada Creativa. var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false,"ui_atversion":300,"ignore_server_config":true}; var addthis_share = {}; var addthis_product = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_product_version = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_blog_version = "4.6.10"; ... Read More

Spam Pills!

287 products from an online medication website arranged by hue using a Fermat Spiral pattern. By Adam Harvey: “Object Matrices repackage ubiquitous product images in a new, friendly format, void of their original consumptive value.”  Read More


SPAMera: step-by-step directions on how you can make your own pinhole camera out of a can of SPAM.  Read More

iPod shuffle SPAM

more info here…  Read More

The Spamdemic Map Poster

See what happens when you don’t practice safe mailing: The Spamdemic Map.  Read More

Phony names from spam

“All of the phony names from spam emails that I have recieved this month as a rockyou textpix slideshow”… by nasty nets [via rhizome]  Read More

Anatomy of a spam e-mail

“A daily chore of modern life for many is the morning trawl through a full inbox deleting spam email. But just where does it all come from and why do spammers use bizarre text, names and images in their emails?” Dissection of a spam e-mail. On BBC…  Read More

Dillo con una maglietta

Ancora un progetto all’insegna del riciclo estetico della posta spazzatura. Lo slogan stavolta è: “trasformiamo lo spam in glam”. Su The Spam Shirt, potete scegliere e ordinare una maglietta con stampato il testo della vostra spam mail preferita.  Read More