Primary Flight: Mr. Jago, Ron English & Tristan Eaton

Great wall by Mr. Jago, Ron English & Tristan Eaton @ Miami Art Basel 2010. Shot by S.Vegas var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false,"ui_atversion":300,"ignore_server_config":true}; var addthis_share = {}; var addthis_product = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_product_version = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_blog_version = "4.6.10"; var addthis_plugin_info... Read More

How was your day?

365 blank emoticon that you fill in with smiles based on how your day was. The Life Calendar is a project by Brigada Creativa.  Read More

Ryan Barone

Ryan Barone‘s playful works… (be sure to read his biography!)  Read More

MyFaceWhen Like using emoticons, on steroids!  Read More


(>’.’)>=O____l_*__O=<(‘.'<), a video by Oliver Laric, made with Skype emoticons…  Read More

666 Smielyz

Diabolic video piece by internet artist Petra Cortright.  Read More