Spike Lee loves catz and lazers

Here’s another videoclip that features cats, lasers, pixels and a lot of internet stuff. The director is Spike Lee… var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false,"ui_atversion":300,"ignore_server_config":true}; var addthis_share = {}; var addthis_product = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_product_version = "wpp-5.3.3"; var wp_blog_version = "4.6.10"; ... Read More

Exit Through the Pet Shop

Exit Through the Pet Shop, a Banksy parody starring the keayboard cat!  Read More

Cats with CDs for eyes

Cats with CDs for eyes… [via meh.ro]  Read More

I’ve Got An iPhone

A delightful song about the joys of owning an iPhone. By Rathergood. A concentrate of web classics: iphones, kittens, unicorns and… Lady Gaga.  Read More

The Revenge of the Memes…

The Revenge of the Memes…  Read More

Dear Gif Diary

A gif diary kept by Dickbird of dickbird.org…  Read More

=^..^= I Can Has History? =^..^=

Helena Dams, a new media student at the Merz Akademie (Stuttgart), made this visual history of LOLCats and other cat memes on line… http://nm.merz-akademie.de/~helene.dams/icanhashistory/  Read More