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Just Bush

 Read More


Sensational, hypnotic animated gifs by dvdp…  Read More

Gifs and Pixels

Photography meets 8bit universe in these amazing series of animated gifs… [via thaeger]  Read More


JamesVanDerMemes.com — a brand new Tumblr blog dedicated to hosting high-resolution Emotive Dawson Leery GIFs created by Jonathon “Mox” Moxon. [via thedailywhat] Vandermemes from James Van Der Beek  Read More

Like Never Always

Like Never Always is Jacob Broms Engblom’s website of  and it’s loaded with amazing stuff…  Read More


v5mt‘s statement says: “No art here. Art is on vacation.” But we found some incredible animated gifs…  Read More

ch4rl13 b1t m3

When Memes meet Gifs: ch4rl13 b1t m3, a 590 KB animated GIF posted to dump.fm by julianCD. [via toommoody]  Read More

3fram.es. Make your own gif

3fram.es, a project by Aaron Meyers. Pure fun.  Read More

Gif magic

Sometimes you just know it’s time to fly… [found here]  Read More

What happens when you die?

Even if you’re the erneast atheist, after seeing this, YOU WILL BELIEVE. Can your computer save your soul? Open the door to find out… a work by Tabor Robak [via todayandtomorrow]  Read More

If we don’t, remember me

Quiet, minimal, intense animated gifs on this tumblr blog… “As long as we were in love, we understood each other. There was nothing to understand.” L’eclisse (1962) [via kottke]  Read More

Everything Will Be Ok

Everything Will Be Ok. Sometimes, you just need to repeat this few words to yourself… this gif might be useful… [found here]  Read More

Max Capacity

Max Capacity’s world: tumblr / flickr / vimeo / AnalogMedium [via whokilledbambi]  Read More

You wouldn’t download a pizza

Why not???  Read More

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs, on Jezebel: “While a picture says a thousand words, a gif gets the point across much more succinctly.” Do not want (emphatic)  Read More


No words to describe this. It’s just too awesome  Read More

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

Cache Rules Everything Around Me, the ultimate video about gifs! By Evan Roth…  Read More


Great collection of gifs by Haydiroket at Gifcore….  Read More


Found here  Read More

Stephanie Davidson

Great collages and GIFs by Stephanie Davidson.  Read More

Everything’s a copy of a copy of a…

More Fight Club’s gifs here….  Read More

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