3D Printers are getting incredible…


Awesome comic by Xkcd.com…

New News


“A video piece for 5 voices and text from Spam emails. Including everything from a weatherman to sportscaster and Correspondents in the Field, New News has all the looks of a real broadcast news show and exactly the same amount of meaningless drivel to match.” http://www.whatweknowsofar.com/new-news

Offline spam


Watch out the project @ 5up3r.5p4m!

I Got Mail

jesus 12m

I Got Mail: spam and scam illustrated… [thanks castroclone]

Yes We Spam


Yes We Spam is a project by IOCOSE: “During 2008 Italian national elections – 16th of March to 10th of April – IOCOSE sent thousands of spam emails in support of the “Partito Democratico…



SP AM War, a photograph by Dawn Endico: “I was surprised to see so many vets from the Spanish-American War…



Constructive, the latest webcomic by XKCD suggests a strategy against spammers…

Request: a spamologue


This is an old one but still so good! From the his majesty of the Internets Ze Frank: the short film Request!

Spam Poetry Institute


The Spam Poetry Institute is an organization dedicated to collecting and preserving the fine literature created by the world’s spammers. Not only do these persistent individuals sell useful products like cable filters and international drivers’ licenses, they also know how to combine words in a very powerful way.

Spam Visualization


Spam, unsolicited bulk messages, indiscriminately sent. In this case comment and trackback Spam, collected as art project, in a Blog named Spam Catalog. SPAM VISUALIZATION loads this database, analyzes and visualizes it in different ways. The graphical language is as simple as possible. Form follows function. The diagrams commute between information and aesthetics, but always with minimal graphic. They are dynamic and therefore they constantly show the latest state of the Spam Catalog. http://spamvisualization.net/ http://www.kaubonschen.com/wp/

The Spam Catalog


The Spam Catalog, by kaubonschen, 2009 “The Spam Catalog needs some introductions: I set up these WordPress Blog as my first portfolio site in 2006. In the beginning of 2009 I decided to build a new simpler site. But what should happen with the old Blog? During the two and a half years I used the Blog, it catches round about 3,700 Spam comments. It would be too bad to throw them away. I modified the site to give it the look of a sitemap, then I approved all the Spam comments. Now more than 65,000. Actually I post all the Spam Emails I get or something interesting related to Spam. The Spam Catalog is not…

Good luck in finding an idiot


Scam attempt via Skype…

Spam Pills!


287 products from an online medication website arranged by hue using a Fermat Spiral pattern. By Adam Harvey: “Object Matrices repackage ubiquitous product images in a new, friendly format, void of their original consumptive value.”



Spamghetto is a generative spam-based wallpaper by the italian design studio ToDo. “Everyday our mailboxes are flooded with unsolicited offers of porn material, pirate software, viagra, illegal financial services and advice on women seduction. A quick glance at the spam mailbox always provides fresh inspiration: bizarre subjects guides us in the quest for the definitive answer to fundamental human problems. But the crisis is striking and we must recycle. Instead of sweeping spam under the carpet, the authors of SpamGhetto decided to save some junk-mail in order to turn it into a wallpaper before it’s too late, since as they proclaim “someday a brilliant scientist will find the definitive solution to eradicate from the web…

Dr. Oetker, you are my lord


A fanzine all composed by spam, beautifully crafted by i-never-kissed-a-dog…

Spams 2008


A collection of screen photographs by swiss artist Giasco Bertoli…

Innocent Spam


Inspired from my email spam folder. Wouldnt it be nice if all spam were innocent? Orginal arts from Janet Nelson.

Spam: The Musical


“This is spam turned video art. And you thought you’d seen it all on the web :-)!” Are you ready for the show?

Train spamming


This photo was shot in Amsterdam in 2008. We swear it’s not our fault [via rebel art]



Spamology is an audiovisual representation of word frequencies in spam e-mail messages. Ipnotic…

Spam is Poetry

Spam is Poetry

A collection of desperate cries for attention from the marketing gutter. How poetic…

Big Mail Junk


Big Mail Junk and Choose your baby name with mail junk. By Hand Made Group…