Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911


“One hundred years ago on April 1, these moving pictures were the finest in the land. Hooray!”

The world is coming to an end: The Chronicles of Rick Roll

Viral video legends unite for the movie the world has been waiting for! All star cast includes Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow, Leeroy Jenkins, Boom Goes The Dynamite, Freakout Kid and Numa Numa.

Spike Lee loves catz and lazers


Here’s another videoclip that features cats, lasers, pixels and a lot of internet stuff. The director is Spike Lee…

Exit Through the Pet Shop


Exit Through the Pet Shop, a Banksy parody starring the keyboard cat!

Cats with CDs for eyes


Cats with CDs for eyes…


jamesvandermemes — a brand new Tumblr blog dedicated to hosting high-resolution Emotive Dawson Leery GIFs…

The 25 Greatest Internet Memes of 2010


2010 was a huge year for memes. Ranker has a top ten that you can’t miss!

ch4rl13 b1t m3


When Memes meet Gifs: ch4rl13 b1t m3, a 590 KB animated GIF posted to by julianCD.

What’s a meme?


Internet hipster vs regular person: what’s a meme?

I’ve Got An iPhone


A delightful song about the joys of owning an iPhone. By Rathergood. A concentrate of web classics: iphones, kittens, unicorns…

Keyboard Cat In A Pistachio Commercial


Memes go mainstream: Keyboard Cat Bento stars in his very own commercial for Wonderful Pistachios…



Internet Memes go trick-n-treating… Have a Great Halloween enlargers!

8 Bit Trololo


8bit inspired chiptune cover of the famous meme, “Mr. Trololo”!

The Revenge of the Memes…


The Revenge of the Memes…

A Brief History of Internet Memes


A brief history of Internet memes: great recap!

=^..^= I Can Has History? =^..^=


Helena Dams, a new media student at the Merz Akademie (Stuttgart), made this visual history of LOLCats and other cat memes on line…

8-BIT YouTube


Youtube’s most popular videos in 8 bit! Part I and Part II.

Meme Scenery


From Andy Baio of “So I had this silly idea to isolate the backgrounds from famous Internet memes, removing all the subjects from every photo or video. I’m pretty happy with the results. Like Jon Haddock’s porn sans people, these photos are banal out of context. Only someone familiar with the original memes would sense something’s amiss, like the set of a play waiting for the actors to stumble into history.”