Everything’s a copy of a copy of a…

More Fight Club’s gifs here….

3 Responses to “Everything’s a copy of a copy of a…”
  1. Sleman says:

    What a classic piece for Dior. I am sure they are ceeibratlng this success. I hope twitter is burning up. Rob and Dior both choose well and Rob taking a chance on using Gravis turned out to be a match made in Heaven. As for Rob and Camille, they are so perfect together. Great chemistry. AS soon as I see it in my department store, I am buying.

  2. Winton says:

    B99 is still solid. I just hope it gets renewed becsaue it feels like a show that by the time it’s into the 2nd year it will be top notch.New Girl I’m convinced the extra marginalization of Winston is intentional for a payoff down the line, and I think it will have something to do with Coach returning. Also, Schmidt’s apology to CeCe broke me. Yeah, he’s being a scumbag right now but after he explained himself I could only think I totally get it, CeCe should let it slide

  3. This is an article that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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