Anatomy of a spam e-mail


“A daily chore of modern life for many is the morning trawl through a full inbox deleting spam email. But just where does it all come from and why do spammers use bizarre text, names and images in their emails?” Dissection of a spam e-mail. On BBC…



Happy Halloween all you spam people out there! [via neatorama]



SpamPaint converts comment spam into interesting and refreshing graphics and thus turns the table: looking forward to spam.

Spam 2.0


Six months ago First Post launched The First Post Viral Competition. They invited readers to create an internet viral based on the theme of The First Post on line newspaper. The winner is Web 2.0, by Leo Bridle & Leo Powell. Take a look at the Spam can popping up from the mailbox… [via no fat clips!!!]

Katarzyna Kozyra & Gloria Viagra


The group exhibition About Beauty at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt (march 2005) included Katarzyna Kozyra’s The Rite of Spring projection. During the opening, the artist appeared with her teacher and mentor, the Berlin-based DJ and drag queen Gloria Viagra. The duo were dressed and styled as identical clones or twin sisters…

Respam: collecting data junk


Spam Art: Artistic research and intervention into this realm can produce different kinds of insights. Is there an aesthetics to spam? What exactly constitutes junk information? How can technology be utilized to present this information that people are so quick to delete and discard, in another light? Respam is trying to answer with some interesting performances…

Give spam a chance


A tribute to the amazingness of spam by Nick Taylor. Song by Weird Al Yankovic (R.E.M’s Stand spoof)… Spam in the place where I live (ham and pork) Think about nutrition, wonder what’s inside it now (oh boy) Spam in my luchbox at work (it’s the best) Really makes a darn good sandwhich any way you slice it at all

The way spammers think we think


Nice comic strips about spam spam spam and… spam!



“It infiltrates our inboxes. It wastes little moments in our life. We’ve taken the power back and turned those random spam phrases into little stories for a new series”. A short animation by The Brothers McLeod… Â

World’s first spam email

The first spam email was sent on May 01 1978 by a DEC marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States. Moreover, an interesting article about the origin of the term “spam” to mean net abuse.

Spammers Anonymous


The most important part of getting rid of a problem is to admit you have one…Â

Human spammers


Imagine to transfer Internet situations in a real life context. That’s what could happen…

Email Erosion


Email Erosion is an installation (viewable via webcam) that automatically creates sculptures using email as a catalyst. A block of biodegradable styrofoam is surrounded by a steel frame. When triggered by email (a lot of spam, of course) a mobile mechanism sprays water on the foam and causes it to slowly dissolve…

Viagra SPAM Recipes


Frustrated with the deluge of Viagra spam clogging your inbox? Take control and turn that notorious pairing into a taste sensation. Available without a doctor’s prescription, these Viagra SPAM recipes are guaranteed to impress and downright spamilicious…